3-D Portraits

Ever wanted something different to remember your friend by after he has passed on?  Or even now while he is still here?  Your search is over.  3-D portraits are more commonly termed as “remakes” in the model horse world but can be made extremely life-like and original.  No two are ever the same.
Here are some prices for creating a miniature replica of your horse or just a work of art from your imagination.

Bodies:  Bodies are the base on which the replica is built.  It can be a plastic model, resin or an original sculpture.  Plastic models are the cheapest and easiest to work with and so will be used unless specifically requested otherwise.  Current runs from the Breyer horse or Peter Stone line will be used (see enclosed brochure for Breyers) but occasionally retired models can be found.   Prices listed are general prices for Breyer.  Peter Stone will be a little more than Breyer while resins run between $130.00 for a traditional size to $20.00 for a Stable Mate size.  Original Sculptures may cost up to $300.00.

Prices for Breyer Bodies
Traditional-most common sizing, approx. 10 in. tall, 1/9 or 1/10 scale.
Classic-1/12 scale approx. 7 in. tall
Little Bit-1/20 approx. 5in  $15.00
SM-1/36 scale, 3 in tall.  $5.00

Manes and Tails
All bodies will come with sculpted manes and tails.  These are the easiest to care for and are the most durable but hair manes and tails can add a little bit of realism to a model.  Often times however, models will need rehairing to replace damaged, lost and dirty hair.  Should you choose to alter the body’s mane and tail, prices will be as follows.

Altering Manes and Tails
Resculpting-The plastic mane and/or tail will be shaved off and a new one sculpted with an air-drying epoxy. $20.00
Hairing-Plastic will be shaved off and a hair mane and tail glued on.  $20.00
Braiding and Banding -Mane will be altered to either have hunter braiding or can have dressage braiding.  For banding, floss bands will be sewn into mane.  Looks sharp on Western Performance models!  Price includes either hairing or resculpting mane $20.00
Tail Only- for any of these options doing the tail only is $10.00.

 This is the most complicated part of redoing a model other than painting itself.  It involves heating and moving the part, sanding, filling dents, resanding, and more resanding.  However, many models can be really improved using this proccess.  Prices are listed by parts but if one part of the horse is done, often the other parts will look better if done also, unless it is only moving a leg or head.

Repositioning Prices
Head and Neck:  Will require redoing mane most likely.  Includes only repositioning and filling, no resculpting.  $20.00

Legs:  The price for legs will depend on the number moved and the degree which they are moved.  If one leg is simply straightened, the cost will be much less than if the horses gait is totally changed.  Includes slight muscle resculpting to new gait.  $10.00-$80.00

Tummy and Barrel: This is a very involved process and is used mainly to put a model in a stretched stance or give it a tummy tuck.  Again, will slightly depend on degree of adjustment.  Changing a models sex will fall into this category.  $10.00-$50.00

Major Reworking
If you want your horse’s face completely redone, glass eyes added, or the horse buffed up overall, it will require a lot of time.

Shoes:  Models are often shown with wire shoes that are glued on with Elmer’s glue for easy removal.  Raised hooves are also hollowed out to resemble the undersides of a real horse’s foot.
Shoes for all 4 feet: $10.00
Sculpting raised hooves: $5.00 per hoof

All painting will be done by hand with acrylic paints.  In the future, airbrush may be available as well as oils.  Some colors may be only doable in oils.

Solid Colors:  Includes any minor white markings.  $100.00
Pinto or Appaloosa Patterns:  $120.00-$150.00  depending on difficulty of pattern.
Dappled horses:  $150.00

I will need lots of pictures of the horse that you are wanting me to do.  Photos of the horse, it’s face, eye, legs, movements, and any special patterning are very helpful and aid in getting the model as realistic as possible.  If you want me to remake a model into a specific pose, a photo of your horse doing exactly that or close to it will ensure a more accurate replica.  Please allow AT LEAST 6 to 7 months for a finished horse, esp. for a complete remake.  I do have references if you would like to contact them.
I also reserve the right to take photos of any work or work in progress for the purpose of advertisement or promotion only, without permission of the owner.   For any other uses as to which I desire to use photos, the work or other info, the owner will be contacted and permission asked before use.

These are models and handmade.  There will be flaws and they will never look EXACTLY like your horse but I will do my best to get them as close as I am able.  If you are completely unsatisfied, I will give a refund of all monies excluding those for buying the body.  Reasons for returns must be valid and in writing.  The model will then become my property and I am free to sell, exhibit or do with it as I wish.

Common Breeds and the models frequently used.

Quarter Horses and any Stock Type:  Lady Phase, Stud Spider, AQHA model, Jumper, SHM, SHS, Gelding, SSHF, QH Yearling

Arabians, Morgans and X-breeds:  Family and Proud Arabians, Sham,

Sport Horses:  Gem Twist, Touch of Class, Secretariat, Trakhener, Hanoverian, John Henry

Morgans, Pasos, Gaited:  Justin Morgan, FAS, Five Gaiter, Tennessee Walker, Saddlebred Yearling,


I have a few pictures of remakes that I have done.  You can go and look here (click on Ace's Photo) for any photos that are scanned in.  Ace is a nice remake and is valued at about $280.00.  He's not finished in this picture.  I hope to get a finished one up soon.  He has banded mane and does really well in the Amature/Owner Division.

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